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At, we reach children's minds, build their bodies, develop their personal skills, and expand their spirits and personal outlook.

The CoachDoug After School Program for Elementary Schools provides quality instruction in Sports, Technology, Science, Humanities and the Arts in grades K-5 in elementary schools. CoachDoug was established in 1978 as a computer software developer and training firm. In 1997 CoachDoug was realigned to serve children in pursuing self esteem in various learning situations from the sports field to the laboratory to the classroom.

Camps, classes, clinics, and special events developed CoachDoug's experience and reputation over the years. Building on the lessons learned in reaching children's minds, helping build their bodies, and expanding their spirits and personal outlook, CoachDoug expanded into an organization that excels in operation and coordination of after school programs.

Thousands of children have participated in the CoachDoug Program since its inception. During the school year nearly 1,000 pre-K and elementary students a week enroll in a CoachDoug program. Each summer Camp Challenger, Camp Challenger JR, offer specialized programs in Space Science, Rocketry, Astronomy and fitness/sports. Also during the summer the Great Writers Camp works on the development of writing skill and the advancement of computer keyboarding skills. These skills are both very important to our children in today's world.

CoachDoug offers on-going developmental programs for the minds, bodies and spirits for children in pre-K through elementary school. Our instructors are expected to maintain relaxed, yet disciplined classes. A set of CoachDoug rules is provided for the instructor to review with his or her students on the first day of class. The instructor posts these rules in the classroom and refers to them when necessary. Any parent of a Montgomery County Public School or a private school student interested in sponsoring one of these programs may do so by contacting the CoachDoug Office at 301-983-2690.

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